In this blog, we will see what is IOC and DI and mostly we will focus on why we need them? What purpose they solve and what added advantage they give to developers and apps?

It's an art to writing code neatly which is readable and easy to maintain.

Need of it?

Usually in an organization, a team of software developers works on a specific project and is usually developed and maintained over years and that's necessary that standard must be followed and maintained. As many people will…

In this blog, we will see how a client request will be processed and a response is returned to the client using Servlet and JSP with code of Servlet, POJO, DAO (JDBC), JSP in the MVC design pattern.

As this entire process starts from the client so will we will…

let's see what is database normalization? and why do we need it?

It is the process of structuring a database into normal forms to reduce data redundancy and data integrity.

The upper definition is full of strange words, let me simplify that —

So basically, normalization is the process where…

This article will see what is an exception and how to deal with it in java.

There are two things which we need to look at first-

  1. Error
  2. Exception

In simple words, an error in the application is the unwanted event that happened in the application, from which applications can…

Understand what is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP’s) concepts.

Before we start let's discuss the scope of this article.

Intended readers — who are starting or started the programming.

Takeaway — After reading you will have an understanding of Object-Oriented programming.

Prerequisite — Nothing as such but understanding of memes can help…

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